Local Democratic Elected Leaders

US Senators                                                 US House of Representatives

US Senator Diane Feinstein                          Website                    Representative Linda Sanchez 38th District       Website

US Senator Barbara Boxer                            Website                    Representative Maxine Waters 43rd District      Website

                                                                                                           Representative Janice Hahn 44th District           Website

                                                                                                           Representative Allan Lowenthal 47th District    Website

                                                                                                           Representative Ted Lieu 33rd District                Website



California State Senators                    California Assembly Members

State Senator Kevin de Leon 24th District         Website        Assembly Member David Hadley 66 District              Website

State Senator Isadore Hall, III 35th District       Website       Assembly Member Reginald Jones-Sawyer 59th         Website

State Senator Ricardo Laura 33rd District          Website       Assembly Member Patrick O'Donnell 70th District    Website

State Senator Holly Mitchell 30th District           Website       Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas 54th    Website      

                                                                                                      Assembly Member Miguel Santiago  53rd District    Website

                                                                                                      Assembly Member Ian c. Calderon 57th District      Website

                                                                                                      Assembly Member Ian c. Calderon 57th District      Website

                                                                                                      Assembly Member Cristina Garcia 58th District       Website

                                                                                                      Assembly Member Mike Gipson 64th District           Website

                                                                                                      Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez 51st District         Website











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