About the Progressive Democratic Club

The Progressive Democratic Club is one of the oldest Democratic Clubs in America.  Since the formation of the club in 1958 the name has changed twice.  The first name was the "Shoe String Democratic Club".  Then the name was changed to "Harbor Democratic Club" and then it became the "Progressive Democratic Club".  

The club meets on the second Sunday of every month in a Zoom Meeting.  

The officers are:

  • President                                                    Joseph Piñon
  • 1st VP  (Programs)                               Olivia Verrett
  • 2nd VP (Website)                                   Timothy Beyer
  • 3rd VP (Membership)                          Jim Dear
  • Treasurer                                                   Alene Harris

  • Recording Secretary                              Jan Schaefer
  • Corresponding Secretary                   Barbara Blundell
  • 1st Trustee                                                  
  • 2nd Trustee                                               Monette Gavino
  • 3rd Trustee                                                Penny Trunnel


Parliamentarian - Christian Guzman

Associate Member of the LACDP Central Committee