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Progressive Democratic Club Website



This Blog was created to support the New Website for the Progressive Democratic Club.  It will provide a method for the club to communicate positions on issues, upcoming events, campaign activities, petitions, issues with elected officials, and many other topics. It is an opportunity for us to communicate with other progressive democrats outside of our area.  There should be a blog article after each meeting, event, or supporting other Democratic Party Events.


In the future this Blog will address specific topics based on the current activities within the club. The Blog is just one method the new website will use to advance the Progressive Democratic Values.  An event calendar will promote all sponsored events.  The website provides links to the main websites for the Los Angels Democratic Party, California State Democratic Party, and the Democratic National Committee.  The website will communicate with the club members on a regular basis to promote events like club meetings, campaign events, Democratic Party events, and government events.  The website will also create surveys for members to communicate their individual positions on specific topics. 

The club will encourage people from other geographic areas to join the club and participate through the website.  Those remote members will be able to respond to all surveys, read all agenda and minutes from meetings, and track all activities.  They will be able to volunteer for some activities, and donate funds to support club activities. They will be able to communicate with the club by responding to surveys, making comments, and sending email messages.

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  • Barbara Blundell
    commented 2020-11-16 19:09:36 -0800
    “There should be a blog article after each meeting, event, or supporting other Democratic Party Events.” If there haven’t been any articles, may be a good idea to eliminate this section?
  • Lyn Jensen
    commented 2017-01-11 13:07:49 -0800
    So will any club member be able to blog after an event or activity?