8-14-16 Meeting Agenda


Denny’s Restaurant
600 E. Carson Plaza Drive - Carson, CA 90746
Sunday, August 14th, 2016 - 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


  I.   Call to Order

      II.    Meeting Introduction:

    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Approval of the Agenda
    • Review Raffle Prizes

    III.    Reports

    • Recording Secretary – Minutes of 7/10/2016 – Janice Schaefer
    • Treasurer’s Report – 8/14/2016 Joseph L. Pinon
    • President’s Report – Julian Burger
    • 1st vice President’s Report (Programs) – Richard Vaughn
    • 2nd Vice President’s Report (Web Site) – Jim Brandt
    • 3rd Vice President’s Report (Membership) – Vacant
    • Corresponding Secretary’s Report – Brandii Grace

    IV.    Program-

    1. Endorsements: LA CO.Superior Court Seats #11 & #42. &
    2. Do We have to have Fleet Week(?)- Rachel Bruhnke,
    3. Democratic Convention Delegate Reports, Joseph, Linda,?.

      V.    Old Business

    1. Reports

A.  Carson Alliance for Truth, Raul/Jan

B.  PDC Facebook Page – Raul

C.  LA-South Bay   Progressives(formerly PV4Bernie) Sura, Julian

    1. Outcome/report on Special Education Vs.LAUSD 9th Circuit Court Appeal & Letters
    2. NAACP meeting on "Black Lives Matter" and Law Enforcement, Olivia
    3. Open

    VI.   New Business

    1. Harbor Labor Day Parade/Rally(9/5/16),

A.  Voter Reg. Booth,

B.  March, Sign-ups

2.  Open

  VII.  Announcements (One minute or less – if you would like your announcement to be in the minutes, please complete the     appropriate form and give the completed form to the Recording Sec., Jan)

  VIII.    Raffle – Alene Harris, Third Trustee (Joseph L. Pinon)

    IX.    Adjournment (Next meeting September 11, 2016 4 pm Denny’s Restaurant)

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