6-11-17 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for June 11, 2017
Meeting held at Denny’s Restaurant
600E. Carson Plaza Drive, Carson, CA 90746


I.                    Call to order:  Julian Burger, President, at4:12 pm

II.                 Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by Don Dear.


III.               A)  Approval of the Agenda: MSP to approve the agenda by Brian Raber, Jim Dear.


B)Raffle prizes displayed & reviewed by President Burger.

Members and guests were encouraged to buy raffle tickets to support the Club and help finance activities.

Again thanked Pat Hannah, Mona Sutton, Leslie Jones and the Omelette and Waffle Shop, 1103 S.

Gaffey Street in San Pedro for donating gift cards.


IV.      Reports

A.     Recording Secretary– Jan Schaefer–MSP to approve minutes of May 13, 2017- by. Don Dear, Richard Vaughn.

B. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Joseph Piñon –Balance  May. 2017  $1,882.44

                                                                                          Expenses                      $<270.14>

                                                                                          Deposit                         $  125.24               

                                                                                          June 2017         Balance $1,734.54


C.     President’s Report.  President and several club members attended the State Democratic Party convention that was held May 19 thru May 21. Reported that there were over 3,000 delegates.  It was a stimulating convention.  He believes that the Party must open doors for new people to participate.


D.     First VP Report- Richard Vaughn. Members are encouraged to submit pictures for the slide show, Progressives Democrats in Action.  Send picture to Richard at [email protected]. Showed video of Trump protestors at a recent Town Hall meeting held by Congresswoman Barragan. The Carson Sheriff’s did nothing to quell the very disruptive protestors.  A member commented that the same group has been protesting in other cities.  He believes that the Party has not made room for diversity and that new leadership was silenced.  There was only a 62 vote difference in the party chair election.


E.      Second VP Report – Jim Brandt–Everything is working well.  Members can renew membership and pay dues on the website. The Club's website is:  www.prodems.org.The minutes and meeting agendas are available on the website.  Encourages members to submit pictures and announcements of other event. Please use the website to blog, do surveys and fundraising activities.


F.      Third VP Report - Raul Aguilar, absent.  We had 107paid members in May 2017.   Since then we have had 4 renewals and 1 new membership. That is an increase of 5 since last month, so we now have 112 paid members.


G.     Corresponding Secretary –Brandi Grace. Absent.


V. Program. 


A.     Report and Discussion of CDP Convention held May 19 – May 21, 2017.

Election results and resolutions were attached to the agenda. They were presented and reviewed by Carrie Scoville.

Also attached to the agenda is a Preliminary Ballot Review by the Ellis Campaign.  Kimberly Ellis ran against Eric Bauman, who won by 62 votes, for Chair of the State Democratic Party and is contesting the eligibility of voters.  Bauman is refusing a forensic audit.  One member defended the voting procedure as being fair and transparent.  Others expressed concern that there were irregularities found on the recount, such as votes not matching credentials.  Of the 3,411 total votes cast 1,102 were delegates elected by the ADEMS, 1,120 were elected county delegates and 1,189 were delegates appointed by elected officials.  There was some sentiment that the appointed delegates swung the election in favor of Bauman. 

Other comments: 

-  If youth are our future the status quo is not benefiting them.

-  We need leadership that is not out of touch with people on the bottom.


VI.  Old Business


A.  Reports:

1)   Carson Alliance 4 Truth.– Jan Schaefer. The Alliance is keeping an eye on the City Council.

2)    PDC Facebook – Raul Murga.  Absent

3)    LA South Bay Progressives – Julian Burger– Does not have a meeting scheduled at this time.

4)    CARA – Pat Stanyo.  Absent.  Their State Convention will be held in Sacramento next week. 


B.       Transportation Subsidy to CDP Convention.  Delegates to the CDP are eligible for up to $99.00 for fuel expenses.    


VII. New Business


A.     Presentation of Final Letter regarding the California Fuel Tax.   Letter is attached to the agenda. Letter expresses our disappointment with the Fuel Tax (SB1) imposed by the State and signed by the Governor. Letter was sent to the Governor and local representatives.


B.      Discussion of Delegate Selection for Pre-Primary Endorsement Conference.   The Club is allowed 1 delegate for every 20 members residing in an Assembly District.  More detailed information will be available at our July meeting.


C.     State Senator Steve Bradford.  Senator Bradford was welcomed to the meeting.  He gave brief remarks and answered some questions.  He was asked about the Fuel Tax and responded that he had been a hold out until the Governor made a commitment that there would be jobs for women and minorities.  He said that after 20 years of neglect our roads and highways would be repaired and that “the money will go straight to roads”.  When asked why California doesn’t have an oil severance tax he said that California already has an “added value” tax and that any further taxation would drive the oil companies out of state. 



VIII.   Announcements – no written announcements.


IX.   Raffle- $140.00 collected. Charlotte Brimmer . 


X.  Adjournment.  Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm. The next meeting will be on Sunday July 09, 2017 at 4 pm at

Denny’s Restaurant.  600 East Carson Plaza Drive, Carson, CA 90746.

Respectfully submitted by Janice Schaefer, Recording Secretary

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